5 Ways to Prevent Hacking on Instagram

5 Ways to Prevent Hacking on Instagram

Hackers are cunning people who will go to great lengths to access someone else's account. Even if you think your account is secure, it is still wise to take these additional precautions to safeguard your security:

Five Ways to Prevent Hacking on Instagram

1. Pick a Secure Password

Your email address may be accessed by anyone, so if you use an easy password, it won't be difficult for someone to figure it out. Avoid using personal information that can be used against you, such as your mother's name or birthday. On the other end of the spectrum, your password shouldn't be too generic, like password, 12345, login, qwerty, etc.

2. Using two factors to authenticate

This security measure was developed by Instagram as additional protection for your account. Anyone trying to access your account from a separate account will be required to enter a security code delivered to your phone when you set "Two-factor Authentication." Even hackers utilise two-factor authentication so that they will receive a security code on their phone if they attempt to log back into your account.

Go to your Instagram settings, then scroll down to where it says "Set up two-factor authentication." To activate it, select "Two-factor Authentication" and press the button at the top. Afterwards, enter the security code after giving your phone number. You may easily disable this option if you change your mind in the future.

3. Block Unreliable Users

Even though you may have a number of strangers as followers, it's crucial to watch out for any unusual conduct from other users. Writing unrelated comments on your posts, lurking on your profile without engaging with his or her own page, and sending messages with external links are examples of this conduct.

4. Don't Share Your Information

You can limit the personal information you reveal to your followers even if your account is public. Don't, for instance, publish about the birthdays of every member of your family. Whenever possible, disable the location feature as well. It's not necessary to post every aspect of your private life on social media. Because of this, hackers will find it even simpler to learn about your life and use that information to take your identity.

5. Do Not Share Your Password

Even email addresses can have a link to a scam website offering some kind of service for your account. It may be a phishing scheme if you get emails from Instagram asking you to submit your personal information. Do not click on any links that the email may include. Don't divulge your password to anyone either. Change your password as soon as you become aware that someone has it.