How to create a collection of your favourite Instagram posts

How to create a collection of your favourite Instagram posts

Comparable to having a Pinterest board on Instagram, the collections feature. You can add your favourite posts to albums that you make. The best part is that this feature is absolutely private; neither your collections nor the notifications for the photographs you've saved are visible to anyone.

How to create Instagram favourite posts collections:

You can save and make a collection in two simple ways:

1. View a user's post by searching for them, or browsing your feed. Click the "bookmark" tab next. The post will automatically save to your collections, but you can choose which collection you want to add it to by holding down the bookmark tab. The post can be automatically added to an existing collection or a new one can be made.

2. Now, click the bookmarks tab in your profile. Click the plus sign (+) in the top right corner and give your collection a name. Click on the desired collection, look for the three dots at the top, and select "Add to Collection" to save multiple posts. Even the same post can be added to multiple collections.

To avoid having to look up a specific person in order to discover a particular post, this function is ideal for categorizing your favourite posts. You can make collections for forthcoming occasions, meals, inspirational sayings, motivational images, businesses, and numerous other things.

You will still see random posts you don't particularly care about, despite Instagram's best efforts to fill your feed with content it believes you'll enjoy. The collection tool does the greatest job of organizing material that is pertinent to your interests.

Businesses using this technique to market their content or gather inspiration from rivals are also very common. To get ideas for your own company and upcoming posts, it is simple to keep track of popular content.