How to Delete Your Instagram Search History

How to Delete Your Instagram Search History

Instagram saves your searches when you look for people or hashtags for further use. Some individuals value this shortcut since it makes it easier to find a specific user the next time they search for them. But some people would like not to have their previous searches displayed for privacy reasons.

Create Instagram History Using the Following Steps:

1. To access Instagram settings, go to your profile and click the "gear" symbol (for iOS) or the vertical dots (for Android) at the top.

2. Find the "Search History" option under "Account".

3. You will be asked a question to confirm that you wish to remove your search history after tapping "Clear Search History" Select "Yes, I'm certain"

4. You can erase your history once more for good measure.

Additionally, you'll see that as soon as you click the search field, a list of suggested people will emerge. You may quickly remove these users if you don't want to see them by holding down on their names and selecting "Hide".

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