How to Download your Favourite Instagram Story

How to Download your Favourite Instagram Story

Instagram users can upload beautiful images or videos to their "story" which disappears after 24 hours. You can quickly save your story to your Instagram archive, story highlights, or phone's storage if you want to preserve it forever.

But what if a buddy of yours or a celebrity you adore shares a memorable Instagram story and you want to download Instagram stories on your phone? Although you cannot save other people's stories on Instagram, our website provides a quick and simple solution to do so:

1. Enter a username in the search bar at the top of the page.

2. The user's tale for the day will be displayed once you click "Stories".

3. To download it to your computer or mobile device, use the "Instadp Download story" option.

Why Download Instagram Stories?

You may check to see who viewed someone's story when you view it. The person will not know that you watched it if you search for it and view it on our website. You can download your stories from our website and post them on other social media networks. You can save other incredible stories from friends or famous people for offline viewing by downloading them.

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